Our Team

Jessie Russell

BSN/RN as well as current Nursing Director
Jessie’s passion for health and wellness runs deep with her 10 year background a hospital Emergency Room setting.  She noticed many patients were coming in with preventable illnesses and health issues that could have been avoided with better self care. She began to research alternative therapies that could help support her patients health and wellness and became fasicnated with the benefits and healing properties of IV hydration. Driven by her passion for health and wellness, Jessie set out to open a portfolio of IV lounges and became one of the most respected people in the industry. Her knowledge and attention to detail is next to none and well respected in the industry when it comes to safety, training and providing quality care in any medical setting. Patients adore her as her magnetic energy, bubbly personality and caring and compassionate personality shines through with everyone she meets.  Jessie is a Mississippi native who moved to Colorado in 2016 and has 4 year old twins, Kane and Kohda. Jessie stays busy spending time growing her business, camping, traveling and chasing after her 2 beautiful boys. 

Dawn Fable

Dawn has built everything she’s done in her career from a purpose driven story.  One that feels good and believes in togetherness, community and helping others with impact, authenticity and purpose. Her most recent project was creating a female wellness brand called Press Pause where she set out to share her personal story navigating through women’s wellness topics like hormonal and mental wellness. Her 20 year expertise with digital marketing, brand building and true connection and community catapulted the brand into major retail outlets and recognition as a top international wellness brand. Dawn’s personal experience and curiosity around IV hydration as well as desire to help others led her into the venture of Twin Rivers IV Wellness where she works alongside with a heart centered and purpose driven team.

Dr. Robert Kilpatrick

Medical Director
Our highly trained and long time Medical Director on staff has over 21 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from MEDICAL COLLEGE OF WISCONSIN in 2001. He has decades of experience as an active Emergency Room physician. He also holds several esteemed leadership positions within his career. Dr. Kilpatrick is passionate about health and wellness and believes that his impact on this industry can help educate and help the thousands of clients we encounter at Twin Rivers. Credentials include: DR.0056068/ DEA# FK8992908


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