Lululemon’s visionary, Chip Wilson, is not only battling FSHD, a rare form of muscular dystrophy, but he’s also leading the charge in exploring innovative treatments to combat the disease. Among the various longevity and wellness treatments he’s testing, IV drips of NAD stand out as a promising approach.

NAD, an enzyme pivotal for healthy cell function, is gaining traction in the medical community for its potential benefits. Wilson’s decision to incorporate IV NAD treatments into his regimen underscores the growing recognition of its therapeutic potential.

While Wilson’s journey with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) began in 1987, his determination has only grown stronger. With a personal investment of $100 million through his venture philanthropy fund, Solve FSHD, he’s on a mission to find a cure. This fund is especially focused on FSHD2, a rarer form of the disease affecting only about 43,000 people globally.

Wilson’s proactive approach extends beyond just funding. He’s actively exploring a combination of treatments, including electroacupuncture and IV NAD drips, to enhance his well-being. His commitment to these treatments, especially IV NAD, highlights the potential they hold in supporting those with muscular diseases.

Beyond his personal journey, Wilson’s endeavors also shed light on the role of entrepreneurial spirit in medical innovation. He believes that the financial capabilities of ultra-wealthy entrepreneurs can drive results-oriented research, potentially outpacing traditional charitable or governmental efforts.

While the world awaits more updates from Solve FSHD, Wilson’s exploration of treatments like IV NAD drips offers hope and inspiration to many.


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